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Primavera Training ChangeAide support for Product Based Planning

ChangeAide was called P2WORLD is a software tool designed to assist project managers and their team to use the "product-based planning" technique defined as part of the PRINCE2 Project Management Method.


The PRINCE2 approach to project management is used by about 30,000 qualified project managers in the UK, but up until now there has been a desperate shortage of easy-to-use software tools to help those managers using the vitally important "Product Based Planning" technique, which is at the heart of what makes PRINCE2 so effective.

Today, ChangeAide from Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd addresses the need to support project managers by automating the key elements of the 'Product Based Planning' technique.

ChangeAide provides support to project managers and their teams with three levels of capability:

  • Product Version: Basic Product Checklist, PBS, PD, and PFD for managing products in a plan
  • Planning Version: Basic Product Based Planning plus the creating and managing an activity list and interface to MS Project
  • Project Version: Planning Version plus Project Records (Issues, Risks, etc. and Action Tracking); support for the Project Organisation structure; and custom documents.

    ChangeAide has an intuitive "click, drag and type" graphical user interface, which project managers can use to easily create and maintain all the important diagrams and text required in the Planning (PL) process within PRINCE2.
    Each ChangeAide project has its own:

  • Product Breakdown Structure diagram (PBS);
  • Product Descriptions for each product on the PBS;
  • Product Flow Diagram for all the products identified on the PBS;
  • Project Activities to structure the work needed;
  • Project Daily Log;
  • Product Description Reports and Project Activity Reports; and
  • Stage PBSs and PFDs as the project progresses.

    Because these are all consistently merged into a single "PBP container", many potential errors are automatically prevented.
    Documents can be exported in various formats, including DHTML, PDF, Excel, Word.

    Most importantly, ChangeAide will create project plans for instant import into MS Project!

      Benefits of ChangeAide  
      Reduces the amount of project manager time needed to create and maintain consistent Product Based Plans.
  • Provides interactive tracking of all these project elements and the relationships between them, thus reducing time to find information within the plan.
  • Includes helpfiles and integrated tutorials to show how to use the toolset.
  • Provides example projects to demonstrate an integrated view of a Product Based Plan.
  • Provides valuable support in learning and applying the underlying PRINCE2 methods.
  • Eases the creation of plans for Microsoft Project.
    Provides a Visual Status mechanism to highlight incomplete products in ongoing projects.
      Project Environment  

    ChangeAide can be installed on windows based PCs running Windows 2000, or later, as a standalone application.ChangeAide is available through Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd (www.eh.com.au)

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